DSE gepgraphy 2015

l   MC

Question the correct percentage under 60% will be marked !

--------------map reading

1.           D (step1 find 0266 2.match the sign with your memory

2.           (!) D (detect the bridge in 019667//the characteristic in the picture =mud/water beach ,which can be found on the north west)

3.           (!) B

4.           (!) B  (measure the length/sub it into the formula

5.           (!) D  (locate all of the 高程點//just find any blockage i.e higher mountain between two points

6.          B     (there is no estate in 0371

7.          D      ( just observation in the graph

8.          A    (3) is not correct because there are many rivers beside

----------------------------c1 板塊活動----------------

9.          (!)B   (knowledge from textbook)

10.      (!)B   (all can be found in textbooks just rememberJ

11.      C     (a.question keywords ‘immediate’ b. volcanic explosion=ash+lava it destroyes so agriculture products wont be high

12.      (!)B  

(X will go up Y will go down *principle: see the trapeziums longer side this side determine the up or down. Eg. Upper longer side =X goes up


13.       D       (basic deduction)   

14.       A       (se waves push stones to the south east

15.       C        (basic deduction)

16.      (!) C        

17.       B     (not (2) is because 河谷 cant provide large energy to support 水力發電


18.       C  (basic deduction)

19.        (!)A   (NOT(2) because the IT industry doesn’t emit co2 ,not (3) china doesn’t provide more THAN america

20.       D  (knowledge from books)

21.       A   (knowledge from books)

22.       B   (knowledge from books)


23.       D    (knowledge from books)

24.       C    (knowledge from books)

25.       B (knowledge from books)

26.       A   (sustainable: (3) not true because it will destroy the environment  

27.        (!)C       (policy things /(1) is not true so one ans left


28.       C        (keyword:畜養業+knowledge from books)

29.       A       (knowledge from books)

30.        (!)A      南加州年温差大 (around 28-6degree c

31.        (!)D     (knowledge from books) x=滴灌 y:噴灌


32.        (!)C  (3)is on afrcia

33.       B     must not be (3) chocice a b left// without the protection of roots 土壤侵蝕+

34.       D     X is 分解作用 c d left //z means sth in to the soil /風化作用is sth will go in

35.       B (knowledge from books)

36.       C (knowledge from books-the biggest landuse in forest is 養牛業


37.       D    decrease the emission =all

38.       A     the graph means the higher intensity (2)and(3) will block the sun ray so

39.        (!)A  (2):cant absorb co2 with so little plant //(3)the cost wont be affected by the plant

40.        (!)C the graph shows the power plant.//(1)is produced from spray   

l   Part b

Question 1

A(3 full)

震央主要沿海岸地 ,



B(i) (6FULL) 比較=same + difference




X屬於擠壓力 Y屬於剪

X 是板塊     y 轉換

震央位於海案       位於陸地





較高     /   較低


可達度高 / 偏遠




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