experiment of measure the specific latent heat of vaporization:

  • By measuring how much energy(Joulemeter) used to vaporize specific amount of water
    • from E=mass x specific latent heat of vaporization, we can calculate the specific latent heat of vaporization of water.

Some of the assumption of the experiment:

    1. No energy loss to the surrounding
    2. No water loss except vaporization(i.e. No water splashes out due to the bubble)
    3. No vapor condense on the cool surface and back to the beaker
    4. All heat generated by the heater are transfer to the water(i.e. wait for a while before recording the mass of the water when the power of the heater have been stop)
    5. The heater is completely in immersed in water
  • Only the assumption 2 can let the experiment result smaller than the standard value if it is valid, so the solution should be B
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