【文宣學社】英文 English Writing General Notes

【文宣學社】英文 English Writing General Notes

Paper 2 English Writing( 2 hours ) - Part A and B

    • Time allocation:

Part A: around 45 minutes(include brainstorm ideas) Part B: around 1h 15 minutes (include brainstorm ideas)

    • It is okay to do Part B writing first if you cannot think of Part A. Do not spend too much time on selecting what Part should be done first. TIME MANAGEMENT is very important!

( Part B has a higher weighting, so you should spend more efforts in Part B)

    • Before writing anything, make sure you have brainstormed enough ideas and supporting information. You can use mind map or point form to plan your ideas on the draft paper.

(Use around 5-10 minutes to plan in each task)

      • As Language is particularly important in paper 2, you are advised to use some advanced vocabs to replace the common ones eg.) important-->crucial/ vital

Use various sentence patterns as well eg.) Conditional sentences (if...,I will), it is+ adj + to+ verb..., Despite of, Although etc.

    • Part A requires you to write concisely, that means you don't need to explain in a detail way. BUT Part B is a long writing, so you are required to write more and explain more!

General Part B Structure: Introduction (Beginning)--> Idea 1 (include topic sentence, explanation, examples)--> Idea 2 ( TS, explanation, eg)--> Idea 3 ( TS, explanation, eg)--> Concluding paragraph

    • remember to proof-read after you have finished!

Suggestions to enhance your writing ability: - read more, including different writing from your classmates - jot down the common expressions and advanced vocabs you have learnt and memorize them.

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