Part A 编辑

Question No. Answer Key Tips
1 The writer of this article / reporter / journalist / interviewer / the person who asks the questions In line 5, there was a question. The whole passage was in dialogue format (perhaps it was an interview?) , so we could determine that Daniel Tudor was talking to Charmaine Chan who was the writer of the article.
2 several / some more (books) In line 3, it said Daniel has several other volumes in the pipeline, so we can know he is planning to write several books
3 3/ 4/ 2 In lines 5-6, the question showed that Daniel has started teaching English. And then, in lines 7-8, Daniel’s answer showed that he’d like to write a book about Korea after he joined The Economist
4 the westerners/ people living in western countries Answers are usually hidden in the previous lines.


to the start of the above sentence. As 'they' is an noun, try to search for another noun to match the meaning.

related knowledge : part of speech

5 D In lines 10-12, we can know that Korea is unknown for most people in Western countries because of the relationship between Japan and China.
6 China It should be noticed that the relationship between Japan and China.
7 it is the warmth between people and mutual sacrifice In line 14, Daniel explained about jeong.
8 jeong/ han are uniquely Korean/exclusive concepts to Korea The preceding sentence implied the answer.
9 to overcome/forget their sadness/sorrow/burden/oppression In lines 21-22, it showed that Koreans need to release their negative feelings at traditional funerals.
10 i) Sadness and happiness both seem to be magnified in Korea / Koreans are/tend to be more emotional/show more feelings

ii) Koreans are very expressive and open with their feelings

We can notice that the conjunctions of Daniel’s sentences, such as “but” and  “somehow”, and we can find the difference and similarity between Koreans and Westerners
11 its superficial / it’s not meaningful In line 29, Daniel explained the reason.
12 3rd Line Butterfly In lines 30-31, it showed that Daniel and 3rd Line Butterfly are friends
13 Gangnam is superficical/flashy In lines 32-33, it showed that Daniel and Psy shared Gangnam.
14 i) NG

ii) F

iii) T

15 drama(s) / TVseries/programme / soap opera(s) In line 35, it showed that Korean soaps is dramas.
16 the best way to become wealthy/achieve status/ to become successful is to marry
17 i) drama(s) / soaps

ii) wealthy / rich

iii) beautiful / young

iv) poor

v) marry

18 they make children cry / they get mad at bad results / make them work hard / obsessed with education
19 (they have many) things/possessions/goods/money/wealth In lines 40-44, it showed that the mothers in Gangnam are very strict for their kids.
20 (they want) to keep/preseve their status/position in society / show (the world) their children are doing well
21 he is a better friend / more connected to people / more warm/friendly / less cynical In paragraph 10, Daniel said that Korea made him be a better friend.
22 jeong / the warmth between people / the people are warm
23 (Cold) refers to the cold culture/society / British are cold and cynical
24 Daniel (Tudor) / the writer himself The book title is “A Geek in Korea”, and it described that Daniel’s views for Korea, so Geek is Daniel.
25 Daniel (Tudor) is one of the most/is a very influential foreign correspondents (in Sounth Korea) but also one of the least known
26 (Mr) Michael / Breen In lines 6-7, it showed that Michael Breen is a British expat lived in Korea.
27 (a list of) must-read books/indispensable/important books / books that should be read In line 14, it showed that canon is a list of must-read books.
28 (there is a) greater interest in reading about North Korea (than South Korea) / North Korea is more interesting/popular/attractive (than South Korea) / there are more (must-read) books published about North Korea (than South Korea)
29 new social and economic territory / rising role of immigrants multicultural families/gay people
30 unending desire for (new and trendy) gadgets and fashion and yet the tunnel-like/narrow-minded/unchanging view of what constitutes a successful life
31 Koreans have achieved a great deal / although they have many achievements/are successful but they aren’t content with their success/achievements / they are not happy/satisfied / they are too hard on themselves

2015 English Language Paper1 Part B

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