Question No. Answer Key Tips
1 Night to Remember Repeated twice.
2 November 24 We can write November 24 instead of November the twenty fourth. It can avoid spelling mistake and the answer also repeated twice.
3 Central Theatre Listen carefully. The answer is quick straight forward.
4 intervals Repeated twice always is the answer.
5 13 and 18 We can change words into numbers.
6 independent
7 solo
8 Jazz, Rap, Rock
9 dance groups Nancy said wont be accept dance groups, just music groups. We can understand the meaning.
10 a performance We should study the task carefully before the listening start. The answer is coming one by one.
11 online We can match the answer with the given sentence. The task given he sentence is 'click on link or icon in shape of' so we can know that the answer is about internet.
12 Shopping trolley The answer was followed by the given sentence.
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