【文宣學社】DSE解卷—English Oral General Notes

【文宣學社】DSE解卷—English Oral General Notes

Steps: 1) Read the 4 suggested questions first. (Try not to read the given texts)

  --> brainstorm the ideas based on the given questions.
 * Try to write in point form, do not write sentences as you only have limited time to think.

2) Use about 8 minutes to brainstorm ideas. You should use the remaining 2 minutes to arrange the ideas and plan what you are going to talk about. You can also think of some sentence patterns or vocabs.

During the discussion: - use more connectives or conjunctions to start and connect ideas. eg.)

 When you start to say the first point, use" Good afternoon everyone! Let's get started/ Let's begin our discussion. Today we are going to talk about......( In a confident way)

 When you want to connect ideas, use " What's more", " Besides", "On top of that"," Another point is that..." etc

Important note:

      • You need to summarize the previous speaker's idea first before saying your own idea!!*

( This is a good way to gain extra marks!!) ** VERY IMPORTANT ** eg)" You've made a good point, candidate A. "/ You are right. Then, SUMMARIZE his/her idea first. After that, talk about your point.

      • Not to use expressions like " I agree with you"!!! (Examiner will deduct your marks)
      • It is not necessary to make a conclusion in an oral exam. So, use your time well and try to deliver all the ideas you want to say.

          • If you want to know more expressions you can used during the discussion, you can simply browse YouTube and search DSE Oral Demonstration. I am sure you can know more about oral skills.

PartB Individual Response(IR):(1 minute) The most important thing is to practice more!!! You can practice through the DSE past paper and use a timer as well!

During the IR:

    • Use more Connectives to connect your ideas
 eg) First of all, What's more, Yo summarize, The another point is that...
    • Brainstorm the topic from different perspectives,

eg) Personal aspect, Environmental aspect, Social aspect...

    • Do not speak too slow! So, you need to practice more!
    • Eye contact is another important thing! Have eye contact with the two examiners!
    • Try to use more advanced vocabs and sentence patterns!


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