highlight keywords

use more connectives eg firstly, secondly…..

multiple perspectives!! Eg In terms of economic perspectives/cultural perspectives

prepare more examples

remember to refer to sources** According to Source A 寫埋出黎 Marker易睇d

identify question types

Do not use pronouns!!

Paper 1

4分/6分 2 個points

8分 基本 3 個points 穩陣就4個

2014 Paper1

1a) identify the difficulties


1.Highlight keywords in the question. e.g.HK government, demands, Source

2.Conceptualize the answer

Concept words such as public order must be included in the topic sentence.*Simple and precise*

Better to be in noun form

Topic sentence examples: the low legitimacy of government is one of the difficulties for the hong kong government to govern Hong Kong.

3. Remember to refer to source A and use that as examples to illustrate your points.

E.g. According to Source A, marchers asked the Chief Executive to stepdown.-->untrust

i.e. give evidence from pictures in Source A *Describe the pictures (slogans)

4. End with a concluding sentence.

E.g. Therefore/Thus/So.., low legitimacy of government is one of the difficulties for the hk government to govern hong kong


-low legitimacy

low credibility, hard to implement policies and cause low effectiveness

could not gain recognition, lack of public support

-social conflicts

Society is divided into different groups e.g. political groups and different sectors

Hard to get the majority support


Reflected in Source B*****You need to refer to source B and take that as examples

- Identify the two core values which are in conflicts in the first paragraph

- Different stakeholders involved ( explanation) eg public and policemen

Public order vs freedom of demonstration

- Explain why they are becoming more serious/ not becoming more serious


Becoming more serious:

-->rising numbers of demonstration

more people were prosecuted--> more radical--> conflicts are getting more numerous

Not becoming more serious:

--> the percentage of public order events in which people were prosecuted is small

*** Compare increase in number of public order events and increase in the percentage of the prosecution of people

c) First paragraph: State your stance!!

To a large extent, I do not agree/I agree…….

Make Counter Arguments and Rebuttal


State your stance: To a large extent, I do not agree/I agree…….

(+) Firstly,

(+) Secondly,

(+) Thirdly,

(-) However, some may say that………. [Counter arguments]

(+) Nevertheless, it is still………. [Rebuttal]

To conclude, to a large extent, I do not agree….


*could be time-consuming

Best way

- Identify the common criteria in order to compare the Sources A, B and C.

搵一個common criteria e.g. effectiveness, cost, emission of carbon dioxide比較

show multiple perspectives

E.G. [topic sentence] In terms of effectiveness, source A and source C does not support the statement while source B support. For Source A, the carbon emission the carbon dioxide emission given out by coal is 40 times that by wind power. …….According to Source C,  CLP estimates the wind farm will cut the emissions of more than 350000tonnes. This shows the high effectiveness in cutting carbon emissions. However, for Source B, …

Refer to All the Sources and Take all of them as examples.

Alternative way                    



Firstly, Source A supports the statement. According to  Source A,  the carbon dioxide emission given out by coal is 40 times that by wind power. …….. The lowest among all.

用邊一個方法都好 要避免同一個stance -->show multiple perspectives

b) Campare the methods under common criteria

Each of the two: 兩個都要講 同一段入面做比較

Buying nuclear power from the mainland vs educating the public about energy saving habits vs building offshore wind farm

3a) Describe the pattern

1)    Describe the overall trend first

2)    Include numbers in your answer!!

3)    Make camparison e.g, male vs female, different age groups


1. Male>Female

2. Younger groups occupied a larger proportion

3. Larger age -->fewer drinkers

3b) Explain the factors


Factors should be neutral

Conceptualize and write in noun form.


1. The situation that more males are binge-drinkers is due to the difference in family roles.    àMen go out to work and need to communicate with their customers or clients //Women stay at home (housewives)

2. Hedonism(享樂主義)  Social Meet/Talk with their friends more young people culture peer pressure//friends//recognition//broaden social circles

3. Awareness of health increases --> drink less

4. Release pressure-->by drinking alcohols -->heavy workloads/financial burden/working pressure

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