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  1. 要準備多d例子 盡量唔好抄sources For example/For instance

2. 分數分佈 可以係10-10/12-8 至少4個points 穩陣5個

3. Identify question types!


State your stance

Compare political stability and economic development under different common criteria.

E.g. Economic Perspectives/Social Perspectives/ Internal Strength/Military Strength

Keep them in 50-50 proportion.


In terms of social perspectives, economic development is more important than political stability in order to increase the national strength. Economic development secures the life of the public and fulfil their physiological requirements and improve the relationship between the public and the government as they are satisfied with the performance of the government. Social cohesion is enhanced, so the national strength is improved.However, political development cannot secure lives of the public. This may even increase the fear of the public as the government...

1b) Multiple Perspectives!!

To a large extent, I agree/I do not agree

Economic: China can help those poor countries and balance interests so that world stability can be faciliated

e.g. AIIB Build infrastructures in poor countries e.g. trains/high-speed trains , trade with them

Diplomacy: Join WTO

--> Fight again USA -->maintain bilateral ties

Environmental: Join Climate Change Conference

Leading role to cut carbon emissions--> Our countries follow

-->Maintain World peace

-->Therefore, increasing participation can facilitate world stability

Counter Argument:

However, some may say that:

E.g. Perform Miilitary Parade, invite other countries to join --> Give rise in China Threat Theory



Military: China send troops when there is disaster --> facilitate world stability

e.g. Philippines Haiyan Typhoon, Nepal Earthquakes --> send troops/army to help them-->humanitarianism-->maintain world peace

To conclude, to a large extent.....

3a) Evaluate the impact


Introduction: (STANCE)

The impacts of night lighting on the quality of life of Hong Kong people are negative generally.




Nevertheless, there are also some positive impacts.



To conclude, the negative impacts of night lighting outweigh positive impacts, so the impacts on the quality of life of Hong Kong people are generally negative.

b) Difficulties * Add concepts

-Achieving consensus:Different Voices, different interests--> Balance

-Feasibility--> Enforcement, punishment, penalty, manpower


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